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Photoshoot Series: Styling Iris

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Heyyy, Pearlites! I know I’ve been quiet on this platform but trust me, your girl has been working! Back in March, I had the pleasure of styling Iris for her photoshoot and let me tell you – it was so much fun!

Iris wanted to have some photos taken for branding purposes for her make-up biz and she already had the vision for her shoot. Iris wanted two looks and she wanted to give off edgy-chic vibes. We quickly began our search for the perfect ‘fits and before we knew it, everything came together.

Iris already owned a few pieces in her wardrobe that she could use. Several of the pieces came from Amazon. Yall, please don’t sleep on Amazon Fashion. I have ordered PLENTY of items from there and if you have Amazon Prime, your package will arrive in a few short days, sometimes even hours. That’s perfect if you’re trying to put together a quick ‘fit with little time.

For the first look, we chose a colorful duster and black belt {Torrid}, black pencil skirt {Amazon}, clear heels {Shoe Trend}, and jewelry {Rainbow and Hot Topic}.


For the second look, we chose an oversized, flowy black top {Amazon}, black leather leggings {Iris’ wardrobe, but you can find these leggings at H&M, ASOS, Forever 21, Express – dozens of clothing stores have them}, clear heels {Shoe Trend}, black combat boots and hat {Amazon}, glasses {Zeelool}, and jewelry {Rainbow and Hot Topic}.


Wardrobe Stylist: @candacetheestylist
Makeup: @ladyiris_mua
Photographer: @roycoxstudio

I loved the versatility of the second look! As you can see, we dressed the look up with heels and then dressed it down with the boots, glasses and hat. It’s always good to be able to create two different looks with one outfit. It reminds me of times where I had plans after work and would transform my office outfit into a night-on-the-town look. All you need are some accessories, a fab lipstick and some cute shoes.

And guess what yall?! Iris did her OWN makeup! Check out her IG @ladyiris_MUA and reach out if you need a flyy beat! Iris is also a widely known face painter and lawd, the lady can SANG! Just all-around gifted!

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that Iris’ daughter, Brynea [@neayello], had a huge part in helping to both style Iris and to make sure that she shined bright during her shoot. Can you believe she does makeup, too?! Check out Brynea putting the finishing touches on her Mommy. I love their close mother-daughter relationship.

The photoshoot took place at Roy Cox Studio in Baltimore, MD and it was super spacious and had lots of props. Roy was super personable and professional and it was evident that he wasn’t new to the game, in fact, he’s been taking photos for over 20 years! A good photographer knows how to help the client relax, gives direction, and instructs them on good poses. And Roy did just that for Iris.

All-in-all, I’m learning that I have an affinity for photoshoots. They are always a lot of fun and I get an exhilarating feeling once it’s over. My fave part about styling a client for a shoot is seeing the look of confidence and satisfaction on their face knowing they look amazing. Just knowing how good they look makes them feel good, too. I love that! Experiencing the excitement and energy that comes from a successful shoot is truly one of the best experiences in my world.

Do you have an upcoming photoshoot? Remember, you don’t always have to own your own business to have prof pics taken. You may have a birthday approaching, an upcoming event, or maybe you need some headshots. You really don’t even need a reason. You can have a ‘just because’ photoshoot!

If you find yourself needing a stylist for your shoot, book me! I’d love to be able to help you look your absolute best! Sound off in the comments if that’s you! 💗

Fashionably yours,

Candace Thee Stylist 💕

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