Hello, 30!

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I’ve been 30 for one week now!  I had a wonderful experience with family and good, good friends.  The night before my birthday, I was supposed to go out with my girlfriend to Bohemian Cavern.  We decided not to go and I stayed home to chill.  What took place that night was special.  I was alone and able to reflect and journal the final moments of my twenties.  It was enriching and almost even spiritual as I cried a few minutes before the clock struck midnight.

Why did I cry?  Not because I was sad or scared.  I cried because I was happy.  Blessed.  I felt content and thankful.  Grateful for the tough times I survived.   Appreciative for having amazing people in my life.  Excited for what’s to come.  The tears flowed as my smile widened.  I’ll never forget that moment.

Last week, I asked several of my 30-something/40-something friends if they had any advice for me.  Here’s what they offered:

1) Live all of your dreams.

2) Have dinner with your real friends – often.

3) Be true to yourself.

4) Don’t concern yourself with what people think of you or your decisions. Do you.

5) Never compare yourself to others.  Have your own path.

6) Don’t be afraid.  Even if you fail.

7) Try new things.  And travel.

8) Be aggressive!

9) Be the potential.  It’s no longer about who/what you’re “going” to be.  It’s about being that person right now.

10) Keep your 40+ and retirement in mind. Save, save, save!

Any more feedback/advice from my 30+ friends? Please feel free to share! xoxo.

Fashionably yours,

Candace T.

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