Five Reasons You Should Look Good for NYE

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For several weeks, I’ve been ranting to my friends and family the importance of dressing well for New Year’s Eve.  Some of them think I’m being over-the-top, while others happen to agree.  This year I’ve managed to not only find myself something to wear early (surprisingly), but I’ve also been able to help others put together NYE ‘fits (yes!). It’s been a lot of fun.

Make no mistake, there’s no need to go overboard with shopping – going into debt, spending money you should be saving, or even over-thinking it.  You can easily mix and match pieces together in your own closet to create a fresh, fun and creative look.  My challenge to you is to put forth effort into having a fashionably grand experience at your event.  And even if you’re staying home, put on your flyest pair of PJs and have yourself a good ole’ time! Remember, class and elegance is key.

Here’s are five reasons why I believe we all (men and women) should look good for NYE:

1) It’s just plain fun to dress up.

2) You end the year on a good note and you start the new one off right. Who can argue with that!?

3) You never know who you will meet and the connections you can make both professionally and socially.

4) You’re more likely to enjoy the event.

And finally,

5) When you look good, you feel good.

Happy Dressing and Happy New Year!


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