30 Things My 20s Taught Me

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“A woman is the age she deserves.” Coco Chanel

Well, here it is! 30 is almost here.  I’m excited.  I’m nervous.  I’m anxious.  I’m hopeful.  I’m ready.

My twenties were good to me.  I’ve learned a great deal and had so much fun along the way.  Here are a few of my reflections.  Enjoy!

1)      I couldn’t have made it this far without my heavenly Father.

2)      I need my Mother.

3)      How to have a blast being a single woman.

4)      Giving back to the community makes life worthwhile.

5)      The journey to self-love is ongoing.

6)      To listen attentively to older, wiser women.

7)      Never, ever to leave candles unattended.

8)      If he doesn’t pursue you, he don’t want you.

9)      My sisters keep me sane.

10)   You’re doing yourself a favor by saying No.

11)   You can have braces however many times you need.

12)   My girlfriends are EVERYTHING! and some cousins are more like sisters (whaddup Sturdi!).

13)  Confidentiality is also everything.

14)   How important it is to save money.

15)   Never to text and drive.

16)   Never to drink and drive.  Seriously.

17)   You should always be in the middle of a good book.

18)   Good, supportive bras are crazy expensive!

19)   My relationship with my Dad is unmatchable.

20)   People-pleasing gets you nowhere, fast.

21)   Every day is the PERFECT day to dress fly.

22)   Quality, honest male friends are a gift.

23)   It’s fulfilling to dine alone.

24)   Credit scores are important.

25)   Never to avoid confrontation.

26)   It’s toxic to compare yourself to others.

27)   A romantic relationship will only add to me because I’m already complete.

28)   Real women can apologize first.

29)   I am my own best friend, but you sure do an even better job, Alexis E. Brevard!

30)   Traveling is incredible.

My thirties will be an amazing journey!

-Candace T.

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