Random Fashion Fact


Did you know? In 1985, the Air Jordan I hits shelves. Since only white shoes were allowed on NBA courts, the black high-top with the red swoosh was banned from professional play. Jordan wore them anyway and had to pay a fine each time he broke the rules. Wow, talk about being stubborn! -Fashion 101 0

Fashion and Style

10 Lessons I’ve Learned As A Personal Stylist

No client is the same. Just like any other profession, clients have different needs and preferences. They all deserve special treatment. Study your client. Learn their likes/dislikes. What is their body type? Any quirks? Favorite color? Who is their style icon? How do they want to be presented to the world? If you’re styling them for a particular event, find out information about the event (formal, casual, etc). These are the ingredients that make a well-styled, satisfied client. A great stylist delivers something unexpected: whether it’s a change in a sleeve, a nip at the waist, manipulating the dress to…

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