Toe Drag: A Major Summer Offense

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“Toe-drag”, “toe overhang”, “toe spill”, “skrimping”, “too small sandals”, however you choose to reference toes that hang over sandals, is your decision. But we’ve got to put a stop to this plaguing epidemic. It needs to be addressed. My friends (hey @E_Nikki, @MissLaydeee and @MyRoscoe10!!), asked me to write about it.. and they have every right to be concerned. It’s a new season and ladies all over are taking advantage of the breathtakingly sexy open toe shoe. And why shouldn’t we?! They’re daring, sexy, funky and feminine; and for all you exercise freaks, they make the calves looks like a million bucks! Owwww!

“She ain’t got no friends,” is what my sister always says when we see an extra busted chick walking around in too small clothes, excess makeup, extremely ridiculous hair or showing hefty amounts of cleavage whether it’s boobs or booty. If she had real friends, they’d tell her bout herself.

And the same goes for toe-drag. So you’ve taken time out of your busy schedule to read Cardigans and Pearls.. which instantly makes me care DEEPLY for you (thanks so much for reading :)!!), and I have vowed to always tell my friends the truth even when it hurts.

Here it goes: if you can feel the tip of your sandal with your toes, your sandals are too small. If you’re toes touch the ground at any point, your sandals are too small. If your toes ooze out of your sandals looking like a pack of Jimmy Dean sausages (see picture above), your sandals are way too small. If your toes spill out onto the sides or bust out in between the straps (eww), yep, you’ve guessed it.. they’re too small.

I’m not trying to judge or condemn. I’m here to help! 🙂 If you look up and your feet resemble any of these “Oh No She Didn’t” pictures, do yourself a favor: trash/give away the shoes and go one size up. I can’t let you go out like that.. I care too much. You can even donate to Salvation Army. If it’s too hard to part, allow your girlfriend to come to your place and get them. By any means necessary. Be careful if you have wide feet too. That can produce terrible side spillage. It’s not worth the embarrassment of seeing a twitpic of your big toe spilling out of your shoe all over Twitter. And even if it’s just one toe hanging, it’s still not okay. It may be a great idea to purchase foot pads which help prevent your feet from sliding because that’s often inevitable. They have those at every shoe store and they’re pretty affordable. Also, try taking an honest friend with you while shoe shopping. Someone who you KNOW will be brutally honest.

And let’s not forget heel drag! Same rules apply. Happy Spring and Summer to all of my Shoe Lovers!

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